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How do I help my child improve their reading comprehension skills?

Reading for Meaning means having comprehension, and understanding what you’ve read. It takes practice, time and patience to develop reading comprehension skills. Families can play an important role in helping a child learn to read for understanding. First, make sure your child is reading books appropriate for their reading level. If a book is too … Read more

How to Choose the “Just Right” Book for Your Child to Read

Make sure you have a “Just Right” book before your child starts to read. A book that is “Just Right” is not too hard, but not too easy! By doing so, this will alleviate any frustration your child may experience when trying to read a book that’s too high for their current reading level. Try … Read more

How Do I Build My Child’s Reading Vocabulary?

Sharing new vocabulary with your child doesn’t have to take a long time or turn into a lot of work. Read with your child often and as you read together, choose which words to talk about carefully. The best words to choose are ones that are common among adult speakers. When introducing new words to … Read more

What is the difference between a reading “difficulty” and a learning “disability” specifically in reading?

Some children struggle with reading but are not labeled with having a learning disability. What is a disability? A learning disability is when a child has difficulty learning a particular skill or academic area. Learning disabilities are not related to intelligence, and are often physiological; meaning someone with a learning disability may be wired differently … Read more

How Can Reading Difficulties Be Caught Early?

It is important not to count on formal diagnosis as the only sign of a reading delay. Parents, as well as teachers, need to be aware of how there child is progressing and to act immediately if a problem is suspected. Early intervention is key. The earlier the student’s disabilities are identified, the earlier a … Read more

How do I know if my child needs a reading tutor?

If your child is struggling with reading, getting the help of a reading specialist or reading tutor quickly can save parents and students a lot of frustration. We strive to create good reading habits and foster a love of reading, but if a student is consistently having trouble, it may become an activity that they … Read more