Prevent Summer Slide

22% of each school year has to be retaught due to summer slide

summer-slide-graphicSummer Slide is what can happen to your child if they are not intellectually engaged throughout the summer. Without constant practice of the skills they learned over the school year, some students will forget or fall behind.

Prevent Summer Slide Program

This program is specifically designed for elementary level students, focusing on Language Arts and Math.

SPACE IS LIMITED! Please don’t hesitate to reserve your child’s place.

  • All students will receive a work binder, composition notebook and all materials needed for the lessons.
  • Cost: $100/per week

In elementary age kids, the summer months can undo months of learning from the school year. Paying attention to what our kids are doing when they are off from school is important, not only for their performance in the upcoming year, but also to help them do better as they set out for college, years later.

Kids without access to learning opportunities over the summer lose up to one month of grade level equivalency

Kids who do not have access to summer camps and/or a stimulating environment can suffer from 1-3 months of learning loss in the months off from school.

Kids fall back and teachers have no choice but to spend precious time and resources re-teaching kids when they get back to school. Lower income kids and middle class kids progress at the same rate during the school year. In the summer, however, lower income kids show no progress at all.

How to Fix Summer Break Learning Loss

Contrary to what you might think, experts agree that the solution to the summer slide or learning loss is not to have school year round. Children should be exposed to a variety of learning experiences that are different from what they have in school.

  • Surround kids with a variety of books.
    Kids are more likely to read when they get to choose a book themselves. Give them access to a number of books at the reading level and have them choose.
  • Read with your child and help with comprehension and learning.
    Comprehension is key to becoming a good reader. Sit down with your child while he-she reads. Make it an experience you both share.
  • Read Consistently – Even if it is for just a few minutes every day.
    Regular reading is key in order to turn reading into a habit. No matter where you are, at home or traveling, in an airplane or at grandmas, make sure to carve a few minutes for regular reading time. Before bedtime or first thing in the morning are the easiest to incorporate into your day.
  • Track your child’s reading to help motivate them.
    Keeping a log, giving your child points and having them work toward a goal are all great ways to motivate a child to read regularly.
  • Fill your child’s days with enriching activities related to their reading.
    Extend reading with fun book related crafts and activities. They make reading more fun, drive learning and are great ways to engage a budding but reluctant reader.

Open up the word of books to the children in your life. Help them cultivate a life long love for reading and prevent summer slide.
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