What is the difference between a reading “difficulty” and a learning “disability” specifically in reading?

Some children struggle with reading but are not labeled with having a learning disability. What is a disability? A learning disability is when a child has difficulty learning a particular skill or academic area. Learning disabilities are not related to intelligence, and are often physiological; meaning someone with a learning disability may be wired differently … Read more

How Can Reading Difficulties Be Caught Early?

It is important not to count on formal diagnosis as the only sign of a reading delay. Parents, as well as teachers, need to be aware of how there child is progressing and to act immediately if a problem is suspected. Early intervention is key. The earlier the student’s disabilities are identified, the earlier a … Read more

How do I know if my child needs a reading tutor?

If your child is struggling with reading, getting the help of a reading specialist or reading tutor quickly can save parents and students a lot of frustration. We strive to create good reading habits and foster a love of reading, but if a student is consistently having trouble, it may become an activity that they … Read more